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Glutamine is an amino acid that comprises 70% of our existing muscle and essential to muscle recovery and development. When we train, this is the first amino acid that is depleted.


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Our formula utilizes the most advanced form of glutamine to replace what you deplete during your workout.

Replenishing glutamine stores after your workout will speed recovery after workout, build lean muscle faster, and
reduce soreness!

Glutamine also plays a vital role in protein synthesis as it minimizes the breakdown of muscle and improves protein

With 5000 mg of lab tested l-glutamine, our tasteless powder is perfect to add to your post workout shake
blending well with any flavor protein!

Serving size is 1 full scoop added to any beverage of your choice. Mix well.

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Medical Information

XENOLABS delivers this high-grade pharmaceutical Glutamine supplement in a powder dosage form intended for oral administration. Team of qualified experts processed the premium natural glutamine following FDA-approved GMP guidelines. They strictly implemented scientific protocols at each step of manufacturing for optimal safety and efficacy. It is important to mention that third-party lab testing confirmed the purity and safety of L-Glutamine formulation. Plus, we took great care of gluten, soy, synthetic chemicals, and preservative in the better interest of our customers. Besides, powder glutamine does not cause any cramps or abdominal pain compared to capsule dosage forms.

Benefits of L-Glutamine:

  • Relieve Post-workout Muscle Soreness
  • Support Immune system
  • Improve Protein synthesis
  • Promote gastrointestinal health
  • Boosts Physical Performance and Endurance.

Role of Ingredient:

Remember that a proper concentration of Glutamine amino acid is necessary for the optimal performance of muscles in our body. Heavy training, exercise, or strenuous workout lower the average glutamine level in the body. [1, 2] Thus, L- glutamine supplementation regulates glutamine level and provide various health benefits, including protein synthesis. It aids the muscle recovery process, delays fatigue, relieves muscle soreness, and assists immune functions against various pathological agents. Moreover, Glutamine increases energy production and restores glycogen reservoirs that significantly benefit athletes. [1-3] Plus, it preserves gut mucosal integrity, improves healthy digestion, and strengthens the body’s resistance against infections and inflammation. [1, 4, 6] Besides, Glutamine supports neurotransmitters in the brain that promote nerve calmness, improve mood and help stressful conditions. [5] Thus, L-Glutamine intake enhances physical performance, stimulates muscle growth, potentiates workout productivity, and benefits overall health and wellness.


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