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Testosterone Booster

Our testosterone booster product is made with top quality ingredients to help you more naturally support your testosterone levels.


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Many men experience declining testosterone levels as they age. Testosterone is the primary male hormone that affects many factors including but not limited to muscle growth and strength as well as bone density and peaks around the age of 30.

Our testosterone booster promotes your body’s natural production of testosterone within the normal range,
particularly free testosterone, which is the hormone’s active form which is instrumental in improving one’s athletic performance.

Our product aims to maintain peak testosterone to cortisol range. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is catabolic, which
means it promotes muscle breakdown.

Peak ratios of these two important hormones allow you to achieve peak performance, strength and growth naturally!
With all plant based ingredients like Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris that naturally boost testosterone levels and Nettles leaf that facilitates in naturally lowering blood sugar levels and easing joint pain, our proprietary blend is the perfect supplement to add to your training regimine.

Vitamins D, B6, B12 and Zinc give you the energy you need and bone protection for the toughest training sessions!
Recommended dosing is 2 capsules daily.

Recommend taking an estrogen blocker while cycling the product. Recommended 8 weeks, then following up with a

Medical Information

Testosterone booster is a formulation of pure multivitamins and organic supplements intended for low testosterone levels in the body. All the ingredients were processed in an optimal concentration using FDA-approved GMP guidelines. There are no hidden synthetic chemicals or additives in the end product and only include science-based ingredients. Moreover, the safety and efficacy of testosterone booster were dually tested in approved labs using advanced testing procedures. It is important to mention that we aimed at both athletes and non-athletes compared to other athletic formulations in the market. Note that all our supplements are gluten-free, no soy, and Non-GMO formulations for high acceptability and productivity purpose.

Health benefit of Testosterone Booster

  • Enhance Libido and Sexual desire
  • Revitalize and Spike Sexual performance
  • Support better Excitement and Satisfaction
  • Increase Stamina, Strength, and Endurance
  • Support wellbeing and Longevity


Role of Ingredients

Vitamins combined with natural supplements spike the low testosterone level in the body for better sexual and physical performance. Each ingredient in the formulation benefit sexual health and support vital physiological functions. They improve low libido, enhance sexual desire and increase energy production that further aid sexual performance.[1-3] Besides sexual health benefits, the premium natural ingredients prevent distractions, relieve stress, and increase focus that keeps both the body and mind on track for maximum output. Moreover, they improve erectile dysfunction, help male impotency and optimize manhood for maximum sexual satisfaction. [1, 5, 6] Plus, certain ingredients support sperm production and protect against toxins in the body. Further, testosterone booster ingredients burn out extra fat content, promote lean body mass, protect tissues and increase physical performance. [1-4] 


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