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Vegan Protein – Chocolate Milkshake

Our Vegan Protein is a plant based protein derived from the yellow split pea and blended with brown rice and the superfood quinoa which makes it nutrient dense.


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With 20g protein, 6g carbs and 3g fat with a total of 140 calories per scoop, this protein can be used pre or post workout as well as a meal replacement for athletes looking for a non-animal based, vegan friendly protein substitute.

Our vegan protein blend is an incredibly clean powdered plant based protein substitute that will adequately replenish much needed amino acids needed to repair and rebuild the proteins lost during training.

It is rich in BCAA, specifically leucine, which plays a vital role in muscle growth and recovery. When this essential amino acid is digested, it becomes readily available for use.

Similar to whey and isolate proteins, plant based protein blends have also been shown to help curb appetite and
create fullness, which in turns promotes fat loss!

Our Chocolate Milkshake flavor blends smooth to satisfy all your chocolate lovers cravings! Add 1 to 2 scoops to 8-10 oz of cold water or mixer of your choice and enjoy!

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Medical Information

XENOLABS presents a specific formulation for those individuals who are allergic or looking for an alternative to animal-based protein concentrate. In addition to three vegan proteins, the formulation also contains essential nutrients, MCTs oil, and an antioxidant blend for superior health and wellness. All these ingredients comply with USDA certified organic ingredients categorization and do not involve any synthetic chemicals or additives. Note that the vegan-based protein formulation was dually tested for safety and efficacy in well-certified lab facilities. At each stage of manufacturing, the team of qualified personnel ensured GMP guidelines for maximum health outcomes.

Health benefit of VEGAN Protein

  • Promote lean body mass
  • Support Immune system
  • Maintain optimal vitality of organs
  • Helps weight reduction
  • Improve life quality and longevity

Role of Ingredients

A combo of various natural ingredients added with vegan protein concentrate that encourages overall health and wellness. The three vegan proteins, including Quinoa, Brown rice, and Pea isolate, timely released to provide maximum health outcomes. [1] These proteins strengthen muscles, deliver essential amino acids and increase lean body mass. [1-3] Moreover, the natural antioxidant supplements enhance immune response and protect vital organs against oxidative stress that reduce the risk of medical conditions, and support optimum quality of life. [1, 5] Plus, the medium-chain triglyceride oil inclusion provides extra energy, increases consumption of fats, and helps weight reduction, specifically beneficial for obese individuals. [6] Thus, the synergetic effect of all these natural ingredients combined with calcium, iron, and potassium support physiological functions, enhance life quality and improve longevity.


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