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Whey Protein – Creamy French Vanilla

Our Whey/Isolate protein is a milk based protein blend. With 25g protein, 3g carbs and 2g fat with a total of 130 calories per scoop, this blend is perfect for pre or post workout as well as a meal replacement.


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Through the extracting process using heat and acid or enzymes, a concentrated whey will yield 60-80% protein leaving 20-40% carbs and fats. An isolate on the other hand, through more intense heat and filtering, will yield 90-95% protein leaving a very small percentage for carbs and fats.

This makes our blend an immensely clean powdered protein substitute that will adequately replenish much needed
amino acids needed to repair and rebuild the proteins lost during training.

It is rich in BCAA, specifically leucine, which plays a vital role in muscle growth and recovery. When this essential amino acid is digested, it becomes readily available for use. Whey/Isolate blends have also been shown to help curb appetite and create fullness, which in turns promotes fat loss all with a rich vanilla taste!

Add 1 to 2 scoops to 8-10 oz of cold water or mixer of your choice and enjoy!

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Medical Information

XENOLABS added extra value to the old Whey formulations available in the market. Our Whey formulation contains essential nutrients and a digestive enzyme blend for maximum absorption and health benefits. The ingredient meets the standard of USDA certified organic ingredients criteria and does not involve any hidden synthetic chemicals or additives. Qualified experts followed the FDA-approved GMP guidelines throughout the manufacturing process. Moreover, the product’s quality, purity, and safety were assured by a third party. Plus, it does not contain any gluten, artificial colorants, and preservatives.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein

  • Boosts Muscles strength
  • Speed up the Muscle recovery process
  • Promote lean muscle mass
  • Help weight loss
  • Enhance Athletic Performance

Role of Ingredients

Whey protein combined with essential nutrients and digestive blend potentiate workout outcomes. The ingredients increase muscle building and strengthen bones, tendons, and other vital organs for higher athletic performance. [1-3] Plus, they modulate cellular energy production, enhance endurance and delay early exhaustion that supports strenuous workout sessions. Moreover, regular supplementation of whey protein prevents muscle loss, accelerates post-workout muscle recovery, and promotes lean body mass that gives a better physique. [1-3] Besides, the inclusion of a digestive blend helps maximum absorption of nutrients and support digestion. Thus, the composition of whey formulation spike athletic performance, prolong workout session, maximize training outcomes and also refuel the body for next workout session. [1-4] 


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