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XenoLabs is inherently designed to make your life easier. Theoretically, there's no limit to what XenoLabs can do. We are not selling health supplements...we are selling what you can do with health supplements. No matter what you dream, you can do it. And XenoLabs will help you get there!


Xeno Subscription Package

$1,997 setup fee plus $97/month for your Xeno membership


  • Unlimited Products
  • Setup Support
  • Label and Mock Up Design
  • Fulfillment Fee $2.50 + $.50 per additional item
  • Xeno offers onboarding and label design services if needed
  • API Integration


Call Us: 817-401-0572

If it doesn’t ship in 2 days, its FREE!

Orders fulfil in 2 days or less on average, meaning MORE happy customers + repeat buyers to help you grow your BRAND!


Increased Brand Awareness

Sell Your Own Personalized Health Supplements And Control Your Profit Margins.

Best Quality Health Supplements

XenoLabs has partnered with the best health supplement manufacturers in the United States. WHY? Because top quality means everything to us. XenoLabs buys the inventory and brings it to our fulfillment center in Granbury, TX. We do this so YOU can start selling your own personalized health supplement with YOUR label on the bottle. You don’t need to worry about fulfilling your customers orders. We do that for you!

Forget Time Consuming Order Management

Save Time

When you make a sale, our fulfillment software integrates directly with your website and the order is fulfilled by the Xeno team automatically. XenoLabs does all the work with your customers orders for you so you can concentrate on sales!

Get Great Profits

According to the CRN Consumer Survey, 77% of American adults take dietary supplements. People buy Health Supplements….they might as well buy from you!

Generate Revenue
At XenoLabs, we have done everything for you from finding a reliable supplement manufacturer, helping create your own logo/labels to inventory and figuring out logistics. You will be able to instantly get a product ready and have your label slapped on it. Thus, saving time and being able to focus on other things such as marketing and branding.
High Margins from proven products

High Margins from proven products

Profit margins from 70% up to 477% leaves you enough space to try and test any of your marketing ideas. Over time, your private label can grow as a brand. As the label becomes more recognizable, the product can be sold at a much higher price.

U.S.A. Made

At Xeno labs, we have formed strategic partnerships with the best manufacturers in the region. We offer only top-quality products made in the United States.

U.S.A. Made

No Minimum Order Quantities

Many health supplement manufacturers in the USA require a minimum order quantity purchase of at least 5,000 units. An average costs of a BCAA per unit could be $12 which means you need to spend at least $60,000 before you even start to sell. XenoLabs has flipped the script, so that your profit margins can be high!

Fast shipping

You are billed in real time for the wholesale cost of the supplement, and you keep the retail profit margin. Our team prints your label, applies your label to the bottle, packages your product with love, and ships it straight to your customer within 24 hours. The whole delivery process takes just days.

Fast Shipping
Sell Your Own Brand of Supplements with no storage costs, minimum commitments and ZERO order quantity or pre-purchase requirements. Just sell without any overhead headaches!


What is included in the support and guidance?

At XenoLabs, we want you to be successful. If you ever need anything at all, please email or or or because there is NO such thing as a stupid question. We are here for you & we have your back.

Which health products do you offer?

Please Check Out the SHOP tab above to view & buy all 26 of our top quality health supplements that you can brand as your own!

How do I know that your products are of high quality?

All of our products are made in an FDA-Inspected / GMP Certified facility located in the U.S! Not only do we offer fast turnaround time, no minimums, our supplements will always be Quality cGMP Manufactured in the U.S. XenoLabs is in the business of providing the highest quality private label supplements with FDA registered fully compliant facilities with the most rigid guidelines. You can trust that our products will be exactly to your specifications, every time. Period. No Questions asked. We are obsessed with quality.

How do I deal with returns?

At XenoLabs, we stand behind our products 110%, no questions asked. If you have a return, please email and we will help you. Again, when you are with XenoLabs, you are family.

What about Label Design?

Your Label design is so much fun! One of the main factors that triggers your customer to buy your product is your label. We have our very own graphic designers that can customize your labels to fit your product. If you are interested in having one of our graphic designers create your label & your image mock-up for your website, please email or

What prices should I charge for my health products?

This is your health brand. It is your decision. You can charge any price you want. A lot of our Xeno clients add $31 to the wholesale price, and charge that amount. A lot of our Xeno clients add $45 to the wholesale price, and charge that amount. We have some clients that sell Whey Protein on their website for $133 per bottle. It’s totally your call!

Join The Xeno Family Now

No up-front product costs, no minimum order requirements, and no extra labeling costs.

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  • Proteins
  • Vegan
  • Pre-Workout
  • ​Aminos
  • ​Vitamins
  • Greens
  • Recovery
  • ​Sleep
  • Blood Flow
  • ​Joint Support


We offer a wide variety of supplements to help all generations stay healthy and feel good. And our primary goal is to help you succeed in the industry providing a great product to sell. We don’t make money until you make money! That’s the reason Why XENOLABS. We have the “why” and the “how” is taken care of.


  • All health and supplement products are made in FDA Registered facilities and are certified for following Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • All health and supplement products are manufactured in the United States.
  • All ingredients are of the Highest Quality and we provide COA’s (certificate of analysis) on everything.

How It Works


Sell your own brand line of products (click SHOP)
Leave the drop shipping to us (US only private label drop shipping)
​Increase your profit margins! (manage your own business)


Done by our expert designers (in just days)
We make your ideas real (impress your customers with unique labels)
Already have your logo/labels ready? (Just send them to us!)


Build your own brand! (where everything is just as you want it to be)
Get billed in real time as you sell! (and keep full product margins)
Simply connect your online store with XenoLabs and sit back!

Get Free Warehousing, Done for you Fulfillment, Ship Nationwide in the US!

After you sell your product you get paid instantly! (via your online store)
Your customers will love buying your supplements! (via your online store)
Online sales are increasing every single day! (via your online store)

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